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Strip Tetris

If you have never played strip tetris you need to know that this strip in reward for playing tetris better.  There are few who have the experience of playing video games that do not know tetris. You can play free versions of tetris online and then get used to the rules for the tetris game.

Tetris is actually a puzzle video game where the segments considered of 4 segments with different conformations and the player has to use the arrow keys to fit in the different tetris segments to build a wall without holes or empty spaces in between.

There are different shapes of tetrominoes used in the game of tetris. Just explore a free version of tetris and you will get an idea of what the concept. Some lines are very hard to clear and you get more points for clearing those lines.

As the tetrominoes fall from up you are controlling and arranging them to form a line, the sooner a line is done – it disappears, leaving you some scores.  Those unformed lines are leftovers, and you get maximum points for clear drops.

In strip tetris while you enjoy winning your points you enjoy strips from models for the number of points you have earned based on the different degrees of nudity or strip permitted for the point scores you have made.

You have to check in to the finish levels established for the strip tetris variant you play. as you complete one level of tetris play you graduate to the next level and the degree of nudity is more as you graduate high up in levels.

Strip testing is a lust game that is enjoyed by those who love to see the maid remove clothing.  Whatever be your passions it is best to play these games minimally.  Overplaying them should not be done to the extent of it interfering with your daily activities of living.  Anything that is uncontrollable leads to addiction – you do not want to become the victim to the addictive duo tetris and strip! Play strip tetris within limits.

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